Aiaze Mitha


Aiaze Mitha is the founder of Amarante Consulting and a consultant with IFC. Over the last 7 years he has advised mobile operators, financial institutions and policymakers on their mobile financial services initiatives, providing strategic guidance, regulatory advice, product development and implementation support across Africa, Asia and Latin America. He previously directed M-Paisa for mobile operator Roshan in Afghanistan. He holds a Master’s of Science degree from University of Quebec and a BA from Telcom Paris.

By Aiaze Mitha


Avoiding Common Pitfalls Along the Journey to Open APIs

Payments providers can grow revenues by allowing third-parties to create apps that leverage digital payment platforms, but the potential for reward comes with risk. Taking a "maturity model" approach can help providers avoid common pitfalls.

Why do Partnerships in Mobile Financial Services Struggle?

Mobile financial services implementations are structurally complex, and success can depend on building commercial partnerships between financial institutions, mobile network operators, agent network managers and service providers. However, these partnerships are complicated and can be difficult to forge.