Digital Delivery Models

Real-time interactions, smart and customized user interfaces, P2P social connections, digital data trails, location-based services, and remote sensing all present attributes of digital delivery channels.

Through personalized dialogues in real-time, for example, financial service providers can increase people’s understanding and trust in a product offering, while at the same time driving product uptake and usage. Embedded GSM technology in remote utility services such as solar panels can help track movement and usage. Location data retrieved through GPS, cellphone towers or satellite data can help validate self-reported customer data, such as verifying a registrant’s address, as well as inform risk management and forecasting models.

Building on the attributes of digital delivery channels, CGAP’s Digital Delivery Models Initiative explores innovative solutions that can enhance the delivery of digital financial solutions to the poor. Through direct engagements with financial service providers, we test emerging technologies, innovative business models and new approaches and their potential impact on accelerating the adoption and scaling of financial services for the mass market.