Payments imply connection -- whether to a distant family member, a nearby friend, or the corner store. For digital financial services, forming these connections is more complicated than ever. As the number of provider networks continues to increase, so do the variety of transaction types -- from bill payments to cross-border remittances. The level of interconnection present in modern banking and telecommunications simply does not yet exist for mobile payments.

CGAP's interoperability work seeks to help low-income users transact more easily across digital financial services networks. Today's digital financial services providers connect through a variety of means, including bilateral ties, multilateral agreements, and the actions of third-parties such as aggregators. While there is no one route to effective interoperability, it is clear that exchanging payments is about much more than technical connections. CGAP's efforts focus on promoting effective governance, operating rules, and business agreements, as well as helping to enable effective policy in support of safe and reliable connections.