Paul Makin

Paul is an independent financial inclusion and digital identity consultant who has been active in the field since 2004, when he conceived of, and was the co-creator of, the M-PESA service. His varied work in the financial inclusion/identity space has in different projects been alternately both theoretical and pragmatic, including: the on-the-ground development and operation of an identity and value transfer service for farmers with limited documentation in remote rural Nigeria; on-the-ground analysis of the use of identity (Aadhaar) for safety net programs in India; strategies for identity management, AML and privacy for recipients of remittances in Somalia; analysis of the use of digital identity for financial inclusion for the World Bank; development of training resources for DFS cybersecurity on behalf of CGAP; digital identity strategies for financial inclusion in South Africa; and working with the WFP on the development of digital identity strategies for the delivery of social payments.