Rashmi Pillai

Rashmi Pillai

Inclusive Markets

Ms. Rashmi Pillai is based out of Uganda and monitors and analyzes digital financial uptake, adoption, and trends across multiple East African countries. She engages with mobile money operators, and financial intermediaries supporting them in initiatives that span across digital merchant payments, new business models driving financial uptake, and FMCG value chains.

Rashmi also works with the Better Than Cash Alliance on payment digitization, helping cash heavy economies transition towards being 'cash-lite'. She is currently leading research on person-to-government and business-to-government payment digitization in Tanzania. She also serves as an advisor to Financial Sector Deepening Trust of Uganda.

Prior to joining CGAP, Rashmi was a social entrepreneur for nine years. She co-founded the Sankalp Forum, one of the largest social impact platforms in the world, channeling over USD 45 million for Indian social enterprises within the first five years of the forum’s establishment.

Rashmi is a Fulbright Scholar and holds a post-graduate degree in public policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. She also holds a Masters in Spectroscopic Physics and a Bachelors in Physics from India.