Shweta S. Banerjee

Based in India, Shweta Banerjee is a social anthropologist working on digital finance, digital cash transfers, rural livelihoods and safety nets.

Previously, Shweta served as CGAP's India representative in Delhi, leading the knowledge agenda on goverment to person payments and managing key engagements with government and private sector. She has also worked as CGAP's blog editor for two years.

Shweta has worked at the World Bank on community-driven, rural livelihoods projects where she undertook qualitative research, knowledge management, and project development in South Asia. And as a policy analyst at the New America Foundation, advocating innovative savings products and services.

From India, Shweta read Social Anthropology at the University of Chicago and at Cambridge University, UK. You can find her on Twitter @banerjeeshweta.