Silvia Baur

Silvia Baur-Yazbeck

Financial Sector Analyst, Policy

Silvia Baur-Yazbeck is a development economist working with the Protecting Customers initiative at CGAP. Her work focuses on consumer and behavioral research to inform the design of responsible and valuable formal financial services for the poor, including the design of consumer protection regulation and supervision tools. She also assists in CGAP’s development of a community of practice focused on responsible digital finance within which she is leading the work on digital payments to the poor.

Silvia’s core competence is in consumer and behavioral research and empirical analysis, especially on transparency and disclosure, market conduct, agent and consumer behavior in the financial sector. She has consulted on private and financial sector development in developing markets with GOPA Consultants, GIZ Ghana, CERISE Microfinance in Paris, and Oikocredit in Nicaragua and Germany. She holds an MA in International Development Studies from Philipps-University Marburg and a BA in International Business and Intercultural Studies from Heilbronn University, Germany. Silvia speaks German, English, Spanish and French fluently as well as some Italian and Arabic.