Smartphone UI/UX

Smartphone penetration is increasing globally. The GSMA forecasts that global penetration will reach 65% by 2020, representing approximately 3 billion users between 2013 and 2020 in absolute terms (GSMA Smartphones in Emerging Markets, 2014).  Experts differ in forecasting the speed of regional penetration, but there seems to be consensus that eventually smartphones will be able to reach poorer customers.

This has important implications for financial inclusion: Through data plans (internet connection), third parties can offer solutions straight to clients without a direct involvement of MNOs. The graphic interface can also help providers improve the user experience to make it easier and more transparent for clients to understand relevant information, while increasing proximity and trust with customers, particularly among those who are primarily served remotely.

Specific learning areas to be explored further as part of CGAP’s Smartphone UI/UX initiative include: 

  • Can graphic, more intuitive interfaces increase usage of financial services?
  • Can an effective UI/UX interface improve a person’s capacity to self-explore vs having to be taught?
  • Can a smartphone UI/UX improve trust and transparency?
  • Can increased ease of use improve adoption of services?
  • Can a graphic interface help providers better communicate with customers in a multicultural environment which involves multiple languages and scripts?