Stephen Rasmussen
Head, Inclusive Markets Team
Stephen Rasmussen heads the Inclusive Markets Team that works on building digital financial systems that include poor people in countries in Asia and Africa.
Corinne Riquet
Sub-Saharan Africa
Based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, Corinne Riquet works to deepen CGAP’s engagement in West and Central Africa.
CGAP Staff
Michael Rizzo works on visual design and media projects to support the overall objectives of the Communications Team.
Joep Roest
Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Inclusive Markets
Joep Roest is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist based in Singapore, covering the East Asia region.
Esther Lee Rosen
Communications Officer
Esther Lee Rosen works with various CGAP initiatives to develop communications strategies that encompass a range of outreach channels including the media.
Philippe Ruellan is a project manager on CGAP’s IT team, specializing in website and CRM design.
Ousa Sananikone
Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Member Engagement & Governance
Ousa Sananikone is responsible for a broad range of activities including external reporting, member services, and the preparation of key corporate outputs.
Barbara Scola
Financial Sector Specialist, Member Engagement & Governance
Barbara Scola is a Financial Sector Specialist focusing on developing guidance for funders and financial inclusion in the Arab World.
Renu Sehgal
Operations Officer, Corporate
Renu Sehgal is a member of CGAP’s Corporate Team and works on management of Trust Funds, budget, fund disbursement, grants and procurement.
Thomas Sinclair
Senior Operations Officer, Member Engagement & Governance
Thom Sinclair leads the Gateway Academy, a MasterCard Foundation initiative aimed at building capacity for inclusive financial service providers in sub-Saharan Africa.
Alexander Sotiriou
Financial Sector Specialist, Customer & Provider Solutions
Alexander Sotiriou leads CGAPs work on Digital Finance Plus (DF+), which aims to understand how digital finance can support innovative solutions to pressing challenges in development.
Matthew Soursourian
Financial Sector Analyst, Policy
Based in CGAP’s Paris office, Matthew Soursourian is a Financial Sector Analyst on the Policy Team.