Ousa Sananikone
Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Member Engagement & Governance
Ousa Sananikone is responsible for a broad range of activities including external reporting, member services, and the preparation of key corporate outputs.
Pablo García Arabéhéty
Latin America & the Caribbean
Pablo García Arabéhéty is CGAP's Regional Representative for Latin America & the Caribbean and works in the intersection of mobile technologies, business model innovation and development.
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Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Inclusive Markets
Based in Dar es Salaam, Peter Zetterli oversees CGAP's work in developing inclusive digital payments ecosystems across six focus countries in Africa.
Rafe Mazer
Financial Sector Specialist, Policy
Rafe Mazer leads CGAP’s work on applying behavioral research to consumer protection and financial inclusion.
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Inclusive Markets
Rashmi Pillai is based out of Uganda and monitors and analyzes digital financial uptake, adoption and trends across multiple East African countries.
Renu Sehgal
Operations Analyst, Corporate
Renu Sehgal is a member of CGAP’s Corporate Team and works on management of Trust Funds, budget, fund disbursement, grants and procurement.
Silvia Baur
Financial Sector Analyst, Policy
Silvia Baur's work with the Protecting Customers initiative focuses on consumer and behavioral research to inform the design of responsible and valuable formal financial services for the poor.
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Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Inclusive Markets
Based in Berlin, Stefan Staschen leads the Inclusive Markets Team’s work on regulation for digital financial services and other policy topics.
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Head, Communications
Stella Dawson leads CGAP's Communications Team. She has extensive experience in communications strategy and global economic and financial media.
Stephen Rasmussen
Head, Inclusive Markets Team
Stephen Rasmussen heads the Inclusive Markets Team that works on building digital financial systems that include poor people in countries in Asia and Africa.
Thomas Sinclair
Senior Operations Officer, Member Engagement & Governance
Thom Sinclair leads the Gateway Academy, a MasterCard Foundation initiative aimed at building capacity for inclusive financial service providers in sub-Saharan Africa.
Timothy Lyman
Lead Adviser, Policy
Tim Lyman focuses primarily on regulatory and supervisory issues in financial inclusion and leads CGAP’s work with the global financial sector standard-setting bodies.