Budget Officer
Rudeewan Laohakittikul is CGAP's budget manager.
Financial Sector Analyst

Silvia Baur works with the Protecting Customers Initiative at CGAP.

Manager, Technology and Business Model Innovation
Stephen Rasmussen heads CGAP's Technology and Business Model Innovation Team and has more than 25 years of experience in microfinance leadership, with extensive field experience in Asia.
Head of Knowledge Products, Web and Communications

Sue leads the communications team and is responsible for the branding, marketing and positioning of CGAP.

Financial Sector Specialist
Tanaya Kilara is a member of the Customers at the Center team, leading work on youth financial services and translating consumer insights into better delivery.
Senior Policy Adviser, Government and Policy
Tim Lyman leads CGAP's Government and Policy Team as a senior policy adviser, focusing primarily on regulatory and supervisory issues in financial inclusion.
Financial Sector Analyst
Wameek Noor leads experimentation and research activities that help create an effective and innovative eco-system for digital financial services through the Digital Finance Frontiers Initiative of CGAP.
Technical Advisor, Digital Finance Frontiers; Regional Manager Latin America and the Caribbean
Mr. Faz leads CGAP’s work on Digital Finance Frontiers, a global initiative that promotes experimentation in the use of technology and digital channels to expand the offering of financial services to lower income segments.
yanina seltzer
Financial Sector Analyst
Yanina Seltzer works with the Technology and Business Model Innovation Team, focusing on applied product innovation and the role that customer-centric design can play in branchless banking to achieve better financial service offerings for the poor.
Program Assistant
Zoë Gardner supports the CGAP staff in the Paris office, including the Donors and Investors Team and the Middle East/North Africa initiative.