26 May 2016
Business women at a Jordan Loan Guarantee Facility workshop
Women entrepreneurs in the Middle East face greater challenges than men in trying to access financial services. Providing women-owned SMEs with specific types of support will work to promote inclusive economic growth in the region.
25 May 2016
Smiling woman, India
A delightful customer experience–rooted in a deep understanding of customer needs–is key for any FSP looking to increase use of services among low-income customers. Where to start, and how to do it effectively? A new Customer Experience Playbook offers insights.
23 May 2016
Woman looks at a mobile phone in a field in Belarus
It is increasingly important to ensure that digitally-stored funds are protected against the failure of institutions offering these products. The indirect (or 'pass-through') approach to deposit insurance is raising questions with big implications for financial inclusion.
16 May 2016
Data and visual from OpenSignal’s “Android Fragmentation 2015 Report”
Across emerging markets, smartphone adoption is opening up an increasingly clear opportunity for multifaceted financial services. However, a range of technical constraints still hold some users back. Here are three ways to optimize for a more inclusive future.