07 October 2015
A woman in Ghana uses a phone while making food
Many innovators in digital finance fail to grasp the potential negative implications or risks associated with customers using advanced technologies.
06 October 2015
A girl studies on her computer while her family works on pottery
Positive financial decisionmaking is hard to teach via traditional methods. MindBlown labs is using games to introduce financial concepts that are otherwise dull or confusing.
05 October 2015
Services offered by MFS providers in Pakistan
There is more to financial inclusion than convenience. In Pakistan, for mobile financial services to maximize their financial inclusion benefits, providers need to offer a wider variety of services.
01 October 2015
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Men prepare for a voyage by adjusting nets
Shifting to a market systems approach has many practical and operational implications, especially around staffing, relationships, monitoring and evaluation, and coordination. USAID is one organization that is implementing these shifts and is sharing some lessons learned along the way.