21 July 2014
Students in the Philippines enjoy a new classroom
Serving young clients can be difficult for banks driven by short-term profit goals. But capturing the youth market can help give financial service providers a competitive edge in the long-run.
17 July 2014
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For investors looking to have an impact in emerging markets by building sustainable businesses, microinsurance is a growing niche.
15 July 2014
A woman uses a mobile phone
Even though interoperability could potentially benefit the mobile financial services market, thus far there have been few attempts to get mobile money systems to work together. It may be too early for interoperability in some areas, Tanzania seems ready.
14 July 2014
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Kenya recently granted MVNO licenses to several new companies, allowing them to provide mobile money services without building new cellular infrastructure. This could shake up the mobile money market in Kenya, which has been dominated by Safaricom.