24 June 2016
Men sell bananas at a market, India
India sparked optimism for greater financial inclusion last year when it created a new category of banking service provider—the payments bank. However, three players already chose to surrender their license approvals. What does the remaining line-up of payments banks look like?
22 June 2016
Woman uses a phone at her market business, India | Photo Credit: Devendra Holkar, 2015 CGAP Photo Contest
In 10 years of research into regulatory issues surrounding digital financial services, CGAP has maintained a relatively consistent stance on the "basic regulatory enablers" necessary for DFS to flourish. CGAP’s Inclusive Markets Team has now started to examine "emerging regulatory enablers" and their role in DFS.
20 June 2016
Tugende bikes
In Uganda, Tugende has helped over 3,000 motorcycle taxi drivers on the path to ownership by leveraging new technologies that enable the purchasing of an asset over time. Tugende's success has four key lessons for other digital finance plus initiatives.
16 June 2016
Floating Market, Vietnam | Photo Credit: Thanh Hai Nguyen, 2011 CGAP Photo Contest
A market systems approach to financial inclusion seeks to identify the root causes that prevent low-income people from accessing and using financial services. The program diagnostic process should be designed and implemented through a systems lens.