25 November 2014
Regulation and supervision of insurance markets are key tools to improve access to finance for poor people.
24 November 2014
The Cash Lite project in Mata Arba, Isiolo County, Kenya
Shifting social support benefits through electronic payments instead of cash or in-kind contributions offers many benefits, but evidence from existing programs suggests that the link between these payments and financial inclusion is is challenging to make.
21 November 2014
Youth clapping in Mali
Providing services for small savers is a challenge for financial institutions. With this in mind, Freedom from Hunger is getting a better understanding of the business case behind financial services to youth, who many financial institutions choose not to serve.
20 November 2014
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Microfinance leaders in Tamil Nadu tally the week's repayments
In order for financial products to help people meet their goals, the products need to fit in with a household's natural cash flows and financial situation.