20 August 2014
A chain of primary and pre-primary schools in Kenya offers parents the ability to pay and track school fees with their mobile phones. The service is aimed at increased efficiency and transparency.
18 August 2014
In the wake of the most destructive natural disaster in Myanmar's history, a leading microfinance institution decided to make a big change to better serve clients in times of difficulty.
13 August 2014
A man repairs a fishing net
A recent survey of 5,500 households is a gold mine of information on the demand and supply of financial services in Myanmar. Providers, policy makers, donors and investors already are starting to use the data to guide their policies.
12 August 2014
Off-Grid Electric Customers in Lengijape, Tanzania
Over 1.3 billion people worldwide live without access to electricity. Modern, small-scale solar solutions are now on the market, and digital finance is going a long way toward making these more affordable and accessible in poor communities.