28 July 2016
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Participants in BRAC session on gender and nutrition, Bangladesh
BRAC’s Targeting the Ultra Poor (TUP) program employs the Graduation Approach, through which participant households receive income-generating assets and training on business development, nutrition and social development. Researchers examined the effects of TUP on nutritional outcomes in Bangladesh, and results have been promising.
27 July 2016
Graphic illustrating how digital credit works
In the growing field of digital credit, CGAP research has found exciting innovations along with fundamental miscalculations. CGAP's self-directed course, "An Introduction to Digital Credit," presents key lessons for practitioners, regulators and others with an interest in digital credit.
26 July 2016
Smallholder farmers in Pakistan use a mobile phone
In 2015, Pakistan became the first country to leverage biometric SIM verification for remote mobile wallet account opening. We talked to members of the Banking Policy and Regulation Department at the State Bank of Pakistan to learn more about these developments and the exciting implications for financial inclusion.
22 July 2016
Flore de Preneuf / World Bank
Mobile money and banking agents blend seamlessly into the daily economic lives of consumers in countries like Kenya and Uganda, offering convenience and expanding access points to financial services. But agent exclusivity clauses can limit customers' choices.