31 July 2014
A copper worker
The Social Performance Task Force uncovered 10 lessons for financial service providers seeking to integrate social goals into their business models.
30 July 2014
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Going through one of the interview activities with Nanang, manager of a restaurant.
A team of designers and researchers, using human-centered design, set out to discover what would encourage both merchants and clients in Indonesia to move from cash to e-payment systems.
29 July 2014
Demonstration of mpos devices
For traditional merchants in Indonesia, cash is still a mainstay of doing business. CGAP and partners set out to understand what might motivate more merchants to use digital forms of payment, particularly mobile point-of-service (mPOS) devices.
24 July 2014
WING agents in Cambodia
In Cambodia, where 80% of the population lives in rural areas and fewer than 20% of adults have access to financial services, digital finance could be a financial inclusion game-changer.