19 December 2014
A gramaphone repair man runs a shop in Istanbul
Crowdfuding is growing fast. Combined with the continued permeation of internet connectivity - especially via smartphones - and mobile connectivity, crowdfunding holds tremendous potential for entrepreneurs at the base of the pyramid who need access to capital.
17 December 2014
On the surface, Cote d’Ivoire may seem like an unlikely contender to challenge the digital financial success in East Africa. However, the country has great potential to be the next digital finance success story.
17 December 2014
Starshea Meeting
The United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority just launched a new approach to dealing with the natural tension between consumer protection, innovation, and ensuring financial inclusion. Project Innovate is the UK's answer to supporting innovation where it could genuinely improve the lives of consumers.
16 December 2014
In a training workshop beneficiaries practice entering their pin numbers using a big POS mock up as well as a POS roleplay
Innovations for Poverty Action is working with the Peruvian Government to test conditional cash transfer programs that help poor people save more and receive their payments in more convenient ways.