04 May 2016
Woman looks at a smartphone near a river, India
Digital credit has emerged at the digital finance frontier, drawing attention from all players across the DFS ecosystem. A new CGAP brief explores the inner workings and key characteristics of digital credit offerings.
28 April 2016
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A woman speaks to a group in a village in Uganda
In Uganda, WSBI and PostBank Uganda sought to encourage active individual savings for village group members while simultaneously providing efficiency gains via group lending. The solution? PBU’s low-cost VSLA Group Account, which has reached over 500,000 members.
27 April 2016
A hand counts out cash
Far from being a fossilized legacy in the digital era, cash is arguably a potent tool that can help bring poor people into financial inclusion. Here’s why.
26 April 2016
A man uses a magnifier to repair a camera.
Lack of supervisory capacity is one of the key challenges facing financial sector supervisors in emerging markets. A risk-based approach to supervision helps to strategically allocate scarce resources and to prioritize interventions according to identified risks.