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19 July 2018
People often make unexpected, even counter-intuitive, financial decisions. Understanding why is the starting point for good financial consumer protection policy.
16 February 2016
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We know more today than every before about how customers use financial services. But we still don’t know enough about what information customers access about products they are considering, and how this informs their financial decisions.
30 June 2014
Policymakers in emerging markets are only recently starting to use behavioral methods to address consumer protection challenges. There are some straightforward ways in which consumer protection policy can be more effective when it is based on insights into consumers' behavior.
26 June 2014
The boom in behavioral research methods means that gaining a deeper, more evidence-based understanding of how actors in a financial market behave, what incentives drive them, and what new policies or products can lead to responsible and inclusive financial systems.
27 August 2012
Behavioral economics is the science of human decision-making and how people’s biases and weaknesses can lead them to make harmful economic decisions. Behavioral research in consumer finance can help improve financial consumer protection. As Rafe proposed in the first blog post in the series, if we want to design policies that improve consumers’ outcomes in the marketplace, we need to understand their choices and motivations.
05 July 2012
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The expansion in credit and other financial products worldwide holds great promise to allow families to invest durable goods or human capital, or simply smooth consumption over time.
13 June 2012
There is growing interest in—and evidence of—the role that behavioral economics can play in improving consumer financial protection policies.
16 September 2011
Recent behavioral research on financial decision-making has demonstrated how we often rely on imperfect information and limited options to decide things like which bank has the best terms, whether we should save now and buy later, or maybe turn that extra cash into an investment.
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