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01 March 2018
A bakery owner uses Aadhaar Pay.
From KYC utilities to blockchain apps and new ways to collaborate on customer due diligence, recent developments are chipping away at a major barrier to financial inclusion: the high cost of meeting anti-money laundering and terrorism financing requirements.
06 September 2013
An inclusive financial system that reaches all citizens will have a more stable retail deposit base, which should increase systematic stability.
23 January 2013
Because they recognize its importance for economic and social progress, global and national policymakers have made it a priority to advance financial inclusion so people can access and use the appropriate financial services that help them improve their lives. To make real progress, we at CGAP believe the field has 10 priorities over the next 5 years.
09 February 2012
Regulators have traditionally focused their efforts on ensuring stable and sound financial systems, and this role has been amplified in developed countries since the global financial crisis of 2007 to 2009.
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