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21 May 2018
To entice third-party app developers to innovate with APIs, digital financial services providers should start thinking of developers as customers and provide the right kinds of resources.
11 January 2018
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A busy train station platform in Tianjin, China
What's the secret to Alipay and WeChat Pay's success in mobile payments? Creating in-app universes of bundled services has played a big role by making mobile payments more useful to customers.
24 October 2017
Payments providers can grow revenues by allowing third-parties to create apps that leverage digital payment platforms, but the potential for reward comes with risk. Taking a "maturity model" approach can help providers avoid common pitfalls.
04 May 2017
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Young women look at their cellphone during a community meeting
Is “going open” worth the risk for payment providers? A money transfer business in India shares how allowing other companies to deliver financial services based on its systems has fueled its recent growth.
06 March 2017
Man on computer, Zimbabwe
Open APIs have potential to spur innovation in digital finance and grow business for payment providers. But to realize these benefits, providers must design open APIs that meet the needs of the developers who use them.
01 February 2017
Chart: Impact in platform customer base
From Twitter to Walgreens, companies across diverse industries have seen their businesses grow after deciding to share their online services with external firms. Does a similar strategy make sense for digital payments providers too?
07 December 2016
Riding the digital rails
What are "Open APIs" and why do they matter for financial inclusion? CGAP is looking at open APIs as an enabler of increased innovation in digital financial services. Here's what digital payments providers need to know.
30 October 2015
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Random Hacks of Kindness, a 2-day hackathon at the iHub in Nairobi, Kenya.
In September 2015, Safaricom announced that it had opened its M-Pesa platform to allow developers to create next-generation solutions on the platform. But just how open is the platform?
19 August 2015
Open APIs bring the promise of expanding the reach and benefits of financial services for the unbanked. But there remain no real examples of widely adopted open APIs for mobile money.
08 June 2015
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The potential for open APIs to drive innovation in the mobile money space is tremendous. There are several key elements crucial to the success of any open API ecosystem.


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