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04 June 2018
When should children start learning about financial empowerment? The early years are the best, according to Sesame Workshop India. Find out how Sesame has taught 50 million children in India about spending, saving and other life skills.
16 February 2016
Men from a factory carry blue jeans on their shoulders
We know more today than every before about how customers use financial services. But we still don’t know enough about what information customers access about products they are considering, and how this informs their financial decisions.
29 July 2015
Maya Vengurlekar shares a story that changed the way CRISIL Foundation approaches its programming.
13 May 2015
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The Global Findex reveals a glaring gap between women and men when it comes to financial access. With all of the global progress, why would a gender gap persist?
12 February 2015
ideas42 shares findings on what an effective financial literacy program could look like, based on insights about human psychology and decision-making.
03 December 2014
Family members use a tablet with the Fundacion Capital Graduation Program
Tablet-based apps are being used to address a range of development issues, such as health, education, and personal finance. Fundacion Capital's LISTA App is one tablet-based education tool helping to bridge the financial education gap in Colombia.
16 January 2014
A woman makes key chains to sell.
The design firm Continuum Innovation found that simplified ATM receipts and photographic instructions helped poor women in Pakistan access their money with more confidence.
13 January 2014
Literacy is often a hidden hurdle to bringing financial inclusion to the unbanked. This means that the onus is on the designer of financial systems to make sure clients can use them confidently.
27 December 2013
A woman sits and uses in a laptop while men craft ceramic jugs around her
There is significant new experimentation and research around financial capability. Here is a snapshot of 10 new pieces of literature and research for consideration.
04 December 2013
An agent in India processes payment disbursements
The G2P ecosystem in Andhra Pradesh offers an opportunity to advance financial inclusion, and also offers many lessons as direct benefit transfers are rolled out across India.


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