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16 June 2016
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Floating Market, Vietnam | Photo Credit: Thanh Hai Nguyen, 2011 CGAP Photo Contest
A market systems approach to financial inclusion seeks to identify the root causes that prevent low-income people from accessing and using financial services. The program diagnostic process should be designed and implemented through a systems lens.
22 March 2016
What does it mean to take a systemic approach to financial inclusion? Learn more from these selected resources on market systems development.
01 October 2015
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Men prepare for a voyage by adjusting nets
Shifting to a market systems approach has many practical and operational implications, especially around staffing, relationships, monitoring and evaluation, and coordination. USAID is one organization that is implementing these shifts and is sharing some lessons learned along the way.
16 September 2015
A fast-moving market at night
Shifting to a market systems approach to funding financial inclusion has been a challenge, although effective, for JICA.
02 March 2015
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Marcus Jenal presents guiding principles for changing the fact that monitoring frameworks are still predominantly designed for accountability towards funders rather than as a management and learning tool for the programs themselves.
24 April 2013
A lady makes traditional umbrellas.
Despite evidence of financial and impact tracking, most DFIs do not disclose data on financial performance. Reporting on social impact is even harder to obtain. We are a long way from full transparency.
28 March 2013
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Fishermen with their nets walk in the sunset.
At the mid-year Social Investor Roundtable, the Sangam Group (CEOs of the 10 largest MIVs) and annual Development Finance Institutions (DFI) consultation on responsible finance agreed on a “to-do” list of six concrete actions for investors.
05 February 2013
A woman in Khuri village in Rajasthan, India, spins yarn in the traditional way.
There are at least four lessons that branchless banking stakeholders can take from the MFI experience when it comes to reporting standards.
13 November 2012
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There is broad recognition within the development community that donors have contributed significantly to building microfinance institutions that serve the poor around the world. But isn’t it time donors updated their investment portfolio to reflect new thinking and the new reality on the ground? It takes a broader ecosystem of providers to deliver the diverse set of services that the poor need. Strategies that remain focused on only one of these providers – MFIs – are missing the bigger picture.
28 January 2012
What do the inhabitants of this small town of 15,000 people (30,000 including surrounding communities) in the Amazon need banking services for?


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