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29 March 2018
Maize harvesting in Tanzania
New CGAP partnerships test large agribusinesses' potential to bring financial services to millions of rural farmers.
22 November 2017
Elderly man in Burkina Faso
Regulations in the West African Economic and Monetary Union have enabled mobile money providers to double their agent networks since 2014, while restricting banks and microfinance institutions. Better regulations would create a level playing field and expand financial inclusion.
11 October 2017
A newly recruited MyAgro vendor (agent)
Using mobile technology to empower agents to do more than collect payments, a Senegalese agridealer grew sales, cut costs and made its customers happier.
07 September 2017
The card industry once faced a challenge in retail payments familiar to today’s mobile money providers: competitors were building their own acceptance networks, limiting the usefulness of their services. The card industry’s solution could hold a valuable lesson for today.
15 August 2017
What happens when financial services providers begin thinking of agents as customers? Follow the story of AMK, a microfinance institution in Cambodia, as it embarks on this journey.
22 July 2016
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Flore de Preneuf / World Bank
Mobile money and banking agents blend seamlessly into the daily economic lives of consumers in countries like Kenya and Uganda, offering convenience and expanding access points to financial services. But agent exclusivity clauses can limit customers' choices.
09 May 2016
Woman seller stands in front of her fruit stand
Universal coverage is a fundamental building block toward universal financial access. Last year Colombia announced that all of its 1,100+ municipalities had at least one banking agent serving customers in need of financial services. How did Colombia do it?
09 November 2015
Woman sewing, Bolivia
Limited acceptance of digital payments and high fees associated with using such services are two obstacles to greater financial inclusion in Latin American countries. Can these issues be solved at the retailer level, rather than the individual level?
10 August 2015
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Digital financial services providers that pursue mobile merchant payments are creating acquiring networks of merchants able and willing to accept payment for goods and services. How can they build on existing agent networks?
05 June 2015
The success of India's financial inclusion efforts hinges on one factor above all: the quality of the last-mile banking agent networks that will disburse payments and enable customers to access their bank accounts.


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