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19 June 2017
Lolem, a widow and mother of four children, sells goods to Bamba Chakula recipients in a refugee camp in Kenya.
Lolem Boyo Emilat is a trader in Kenya’s Kalobeyei settlement, where mobile payments have transformed her small business. Could bringing mobile money to more traders like Lolem be an overlooked opportunity to advance financial inclusion?
15 February 2017
Smiling woman in field, India
India is currently considering a universal basic income (UBI) scheme in which the government would guarantee a minimum income for all citizens. What are the key points of the UBI debate? What could UBI mean for financial inclusion in India?
13 December 2016
Sample e-tax card
Governments are increasingly using payments and identity technology to shift cash-based transfer payments into digital channels. A new Centre for Global Development paper argues that exploiting the full range of policy levers enabled by these technologies can improve public service delivery and reduce poverty.
12 December 2016
Women process rice, Bangladesh
An estimated 718 million recipients in developing economies are enrolled in cash transfer programs, more of which are going digital. This has not necessarily equaled greater financial inclusion. ISPA's Social Protection Payment Delivery Tool looks to make digital transfer programs more inclusive.
26 September 2016
Man with lemons, India
Envisioned as a digital revolution for government transfers, India's Direct Benefit Transfer program transfers government benefits into recipients' bank accounts. Three years in, the government continues to face challenges in digitizing transfers. Is there a way forward?
11 July 2016
Boat breaks through a wave
Cash as aid offers recipients choice and dignity. The digitization of cash transfers can minimize risks of using cash in crisis environments and provide access to financial services that could help the poorest cope with shocks in the future.
10 June 2016
Man writes down a record of a financial transaction, Ghana
Digitization of government-to-person (G2P) payments should be a financial inclusion “quick win,” but negative experiences with digital social payment programs sometimes have the adverse effect of steering low-income customers away from formal financial services. This doesn't have to be the case.
01 July 2015
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DaviPlata, a mobile wallet offered by Banco Davivienda in Colombia, is an application helping to shift social safety net payments – often paid in cash – to digital delivery.
26 March 2015
MicroSave has conducted a study on the progress of the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), arguably the largest financial inclusion drive in the world.


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