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20 September 2018
Primary students in the classroom in Dhaka, Bangladesh
In just months, Bangladesh digitized financial aid payments for education to more than 10 million families. What lessons can other countries glean from this rapid transition to digital payments?
13 September 2018
Fisherman uses mobile phone in Myanmar
Financial services providers can engage customers in new and exciting ways on social media, but call centers and other types of direct interaction still matter.
11 September 2018
A pharmacist assists patients at a pharmacy in Kenya
Mobile health wallet M-TIBA bundles savings, credit, insurance and remittance products to help Kenyans cover health care expenses.
05 September 2018
Roadside merchant in Yunnan, China, e-banks on her mobile phone.
What impact are super platforms having on low-income customers and small businesses? CGAP and Mastercard Foundation traveled to China to see firsthand.
28 August 2018
A merchant in rural Uganda transacts in cash
New research shows that digitizing everyday payments as person-to-person transfers can be a sustainable way for providers to reach customers in rural areas.
10 August 2018
Kenyan smallholder family crowds around a tablet
What can today’s digital fundraising platforms learn from long-held traditions of giving? We spoke with givers in Kenya to find out.
01 August 2018
Ugandan child uses a solar lamp to study at night
In Africa, some of the most innovative ideas in education financing are coming from an unlikely source - an off-grid solar company.
26 July 2018
Biometric fingerprint scanner in Madagascar
Biometrics are likely the future of identification and identity verification, but it's important to understand their strengths and limitations to ensure they advance financial inclusion.
24 July 2018
Bangladesh has made great strides toward financial inclusion, but many challenges remain -- including one of the largest gender gaps in the world.
17 July 2018
A woman makes a mobile money transfer
Off-grid solar companies could boost revenue and reach more low-income customers by becoming master mobile money agents in remote areas.


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