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12 March 2018
A Ugandan smallholder walks along a dirt road with her bike.
Agricultural lending remains a frontier area even as the alternative lending space fills up with new players. Here are some early insights from CGAP's work on alternative credit scoring for smallholder farmers in Uganda.
01 February 2018
A nationally representative phone survey shows who's using digital credit, how they're using it, and whether it's living up to the hype of helping families cope with emergencies.
19 December 2017
Today, some 25 million Bangladeshis borrow from microfinance institutions. Financial diaries from central Bangladesh show how poor people are using their loans, from coping with emergencies to on-lending to others.
21 August 2017
Kenyan woman with mobile phone
In a CGAP and M-Kopa pilot in Kenya, customers with greater control over their credit histories took up more credit and were more likely to pay it off in full.
01 August 2017
Janaki in her restaurant
Conventional measures of creditworthiness paint an incomplete — even misleading — picture of microbusiness owners, whose success often hinges on strong local networks and unconventional business strategies.
03 October 2016
Unsolicited credit offer
There are now more than 20 digital credit offerings in Kenya, with new services launching continually. Hype is building around the potential opportunities these products could bring, but their rapid proliferation is also raising questions about risks.
23 September 2016
CGAP Presentation cover slide
CGAP recently partnered with MercadoLibre, Latin America’s largest online retailer, to assess the potential of alternative data to boost financial inclusion. This research found that e-commerce data can be a powerful credit risk predictor for underbanked and unbanked people.
13 June 2016
A family looks at a video on a smart phone about crop insurance in Colombia
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, could the bundling of credit with non-credit financial services be a viable solution for FSPs? EA Consultants designed and implemented a study with Crezcamos in Colombia to find out.
04 May 2016
Woman looks at a smartphone near a river, India
Digital credit has emerged at the digital finance frontier, drawing attention from all players across the DFS ecosystem. A new CGAP brief explores the inner workings and key characteristics of digital credit offerings.
25 February 2015
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A full-day event will discuss the current impact of microcredit, a development tool that has been widely debated for the past decade.


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