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10 July 2018
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A pediatrician examines a child in a Nairobi hospital.
Bundling microinsurance with other mobile financial products is making health insurance more affordable and useful for low-income patients in Kenya.
06 June 2017
Flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia
A growing body of evidence suggests that disaster insurance makes low-income people more resilient to floods, earthquakes, and other disasters. What challenges must be overcome to make disaster insurance more widely available?
12 September 2016
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Woman picks okra in a field, India
Well-functioning financial markets are essential for the growth of firms, including commercial farms. Efforts to improve financial markets in underserved localities must include an understanding of stakeholders’ risk management needs—not just access to credit.
13 June 2016
A family looks at a video on a smart phone about crop insurance in Colombia
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, could the bundling of credit with non-credit financial services be a viable solution for FSPs? EA Consultants designed and implemented a study with Crezcamos in Colombia to find out.
23 May 2016
Woman looks at a mobile phone in a field in Belarus
It is increasingly important to ensure that digitally-stored funds are protected against the failure of institutions offering these products. The indirect (or 'pass-through') approach to deposit insurance is raising questions with big implications for financial inclusion.
02 July 2015
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A number of mobile insurance initiatives have achieved exceptional scale in a short period of time. There are at least 7 keys to success.
03 June 2015
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This first post in a new series on deposit insurance and digital financial inclusion focuses on the basic, but not easy question, of how to define a “deposit.”
08 May 2015
There is great potential to better design and market insurance products for poor customers. A recent study by CGAP suggests that despite progress, four key opportunities across the insurance value chain are underexplored.
30 April 2015
Many of the most-trumpeted initiatives in the microinsurance industry have failed to survive the past decade. With challenges far outweighing successes, the industry’s soul-searching holds implications for other emerging industries serving the BOP.
05 December 2014
A loan officer sells insurance to a group of clients in Mexico.
When clients receive too much information about new financial services at once, they may avoid making a decision about it, or make a decision without fully understanding a product.


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