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18 September 2017
Craftswoman in Ecuador
Bundling digital payments with services that address common challenges for merchants could expand access to finance for small businesses.
07 September 2017
The card industry once faced a challenge in retail payments familiar to today’s mobile money providers: competitors were building their own acceptance networks, limiting the usefulness of their services. The card industry’s solution could hold a valuable lesson for today.
29 June 2017
Mobile banking in Indonesia
Imagine a world where anyone could move money instantly across providers at no cost. Three trends are making free transactions more likely today than ever before.
15 June 2017
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High rises and hotel buildings in Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama
TransferWise has launched “borderless” accounts, bringing cross-border banking to a new level. Could similar products serve communities in developing countries that depend on international remittances?
18 February 2016
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A woman collects money from an agent or shopkeeper
To understand factors impacting aggregator profitability regarding digital bulk disbursements, we took a close look at a pilot in Uganda, where six USAID funded organizations tested digital payments to end recipients via payment aggregators.
28 October 2015
An M-Pesa agent makes a transaction
Safaricom recently launched an additional functionality “Hakikisha” on the M-Pesa Menu in Kenya, which will enable subscribers to confirm a recipient’s name before completing an M-Pesa transaction. Hakikisha has been under pilot for the last month.
21 August 2015
Innovations on payment systems in Turkey have the potential to move beyond the current reach of bank accounts and cards.
19 August 2015
Open APIs bring the promise of expanding the reach and benefits of financial services for the unbanked. But there remain no real examples of widely adopted open APIs for mobile money.
17 August 2015
Kenyan regulators took action to disclose Lipa na M-Pesa’s pricing structure. The move highlights a growing problem as digital financial services expand: Existing financial consumer protection rules are not being enforced consistently on these delivery channels.


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