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20 September 2017
Tanzanian merchant
A behavioral economics experiment in Tanzania increased customers' savings by up to 11 percent using SMS messages about the balances of better savers.
17 July 2017
Ghanaian woman using mobile phone
When PEG Africa piloted more user-friendly mobile payment methods for its pay-as-you-go solar customers, users started paying more often and in significantly higher amounts than other customers.
19 February 2016
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Examining the cash flows of coffee and sugar farmers in Uganda for a CGAP-commissioned project revealed a seasonal cycle that is unsuited to monthly accounting practices. There are many ways that financial services could be designed to assist these farmers.
20 August 2015
Insights from smallholders are informing the design of better digital financial services for farmers in Cambodia, through a human-centered design process.
19 August 2015
Open APIs bring the promise of expanding the reach and benefits of financial services for the unbanked. But there remain no real examples of widely adopted open APIs for mobile money.
14 August 2015
The behavior and practices of "oral communities" - where most people are illiterate - may help to explain both the scale of account dormancy in mobile money and the prevalence of over-the-counter (OTC) mobile money services.
01 July 2015
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DaviPlata, a mobile wallet offered by Banco Davivienda in Colombia, is an application helping to shift social safety net payments – often paid in cash – to digital delivery.
30 June 2015
Freedom from Hunger conducted a 7-month project using the diaries of rural households in Burkina Faso to gauge how formal, non-formal and informal financial products affect household resilience.
03 June 2015
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This first post in a new series on deposit insurance and digital financial inclusion focuses on the basic, but not easy question, of how to define a “deposit.”
23 March 2015
At CGAP, we want to understand what Uber and other socially interactive business models could mean for financial inclusion.


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