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16 September 2016
Man cuts marble with a power saw, Jordan
CGAP, Yale University and Tamweelcom have taken a novel approach to the study of demand for Islamic and conventional loans in Jordan. This randomized experiment reveals new insights into the real demand for Islamic microloans, and the findings are striking.
06 April 2016
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People are unpredictable and don't always act in rational ways. Randomized experiments can help businesses and organizations learn more about their own work, improve upon their offerings, and better understand consumer behaviors.
26 January 2016
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Two farmers work with Wasil Foundation to purchase a tractor in Pakistan
For over 6 million smallholder farmers in Pakistan, financing options are extremely limited. The Wasil Foundation, winner of the 2013 Islamic Microfinance Challenge, offers an alternative to traditional financing that enables farmers to build assets and sustainable livelihoods.
24 February 2015
We take a look at five takeaways from CGAP's most recent research on the subject of sharia-compliant products.
04 December 2014
A growing need exists to design insurance products that meet the needs of the world's 2 billion Muslims. Takaful insurance is one possible solution, but consumer protection is a challenge.
17 July 2013
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Women make bread.
Consistently tracking and analyzing the performance of Islamic microfinance providers will be key to improving their services and, in turn, broadening their outreach.
01 July 2013
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A chicken seller waits at his shop.
With financing a key need for millions of micro to mid-sized entrepreneurs, empowering Islamic financial service providers to reach more clients is not only good for business. It’s smart policy.
20 June 2013
A man chisels handicrafts.
The journey of Islamic banking may offer some lessons - including product diversity - to Islamic microfinance.
12 June 2013
An artisan is making pots
Since many youth in Algeria are reluctant to use financial products that charge interest (a violation of Islamic financial principles), the Algerian government set out to to make available a Sharia-compliant product that is both affordable and scalable.
03 June 2013
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A woman counts bills.
Sudan's banking system went Islamic in the 1980's and can offer several lessons on delivering Sharia-compliant financial products to the poor.


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