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19 June 2018
Ugandan woman sewing
Many countries with significant funding for women’s financial inclusion are seeing a widening gender gap. What does this mean for funders?
02 January 2018
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Funder commitments to financial inclusion reached a historic high of $37 billion in 2016. See what else the latest CGAP funder survey reveals.
02 October 2014
A woman decorates earthen pots
Why are there so few vibrant capacity building service markets for financial services providers? And why are these “few” so far ahead of the rest?
02 December 2013
A man is fishing in Bangladesh near train tracks
Beyond investing in individual MFIs, how can DFIs facilitate broader development of pro-poor financial service markets?
22 October 2013
Men fish at sunset.
Building a financial market that serves the poor requires more than supporting institutions. It also requires coordinating underlying elements - such as educating consumers, drafting appropriate laws, and building capacity in organizations.
22 February 2013
Women earning a living in Kenya
Despite years of donor programs that have had an explicit goal of helping build the market for capacity building, the market—where it exists—is highly subsidized with few viable providers able to adapt to an evolving landscape. Can we change this?
11 January 2013
Market systems are complex, and it's nearly impossible to predict their future outcomes. Can setting concrete goals be too limiting?
27 June 2012
The concept of granting loans to low-income people based on no more than a solidarity guarantee has evolved into a multibillion dollar industry.
21 October 2011
This pura vida spirit could also be used to describe the status of financial inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean, as the industry proactively pushes for product innovation to increase access and lower cost, while confronting challenges like overindebtedness and rural finance.
15 September 2011
There are many reasons to be excited about mobile phones as a way to distribute cash transfers, such as government payments or NGO cash-for-work programs.


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