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31 July 2014
A copper worker
The Social Performance Task Force uncovered 10 lessons for financial service providers seeking to integrate social goals into their business models.
28 April 2014
Janalakshmi, an urban microfinance institution in India, is putting its customers at the center of its business with a mapping tool called Kaleido.
12 March 2014
Seen as having great potential for advancing the effectiveness of social and foreign assistance, e-payments can increase efficiency in a variety of ways. Four case studies take a closer look at programs in Haiti, Kenya, The Philippines and Uganda.
05 March 2014
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There are six million postal financial accounts in Tunisia, impressive for a population of 11 million. In fact, La Poste is the best known and first cited financial institution in Tunisia and shows great promise for financial inclusion.
20 February 2014
After more than 15 years, conditional cash transfer programs have become the backbone of targeted social policies in Latin America. But we must create programs that maintain progress while continuing to move people out of poverty and into sustainable livelihoods.
19 February 2014
Percentage of CFPR households achieving development threshold
This past decade has seen an exponential growth in social protection programs. When appropriately designed and implemented, these programs tackle poverty and vulnerability and promote positive developmental outcomes.
06 June 2012
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Arab policymakers, who long regarded microfinance as charity for the poor, are realizing that a financial system that serves only 20 percent of the population is a key ingredient in the recipe for political instability.
28 April 2011
This post is the second in the series on “Five Business Case Insights on Mobile Money.” In the first post, we shared with you a detailed presentation on the five insights. Here we explain further the first three insights.
11 March 2011
CGAP’s Branchless Banking Database synthesizes a mass of data into a short 12-image “story” about what branchless banking is and the key hurdles we face in 2011. We’ve converted that into a three-part series, which we continue today.
08 March 2011
While over-indebtedness can be difficult to observe in practice, we can use simple surveys to estimate one proxy for over-indebtedness: cross-indebtedness, or the number of institutions from which the typical borrower has a loan.


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