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20 March 2018
Funding for financial inclusion in Africa has reached $4.7 billion, up 270 percent over the past several years. So which countries are getting the most funding? And are these investments making a difference?
02 January 2018
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Funder commitments to financial inclusion reached a historic high of $37 billion in 2016. See what else the latest CGAP funder survey reveals.
15 December 2016
Chart: Financial Inclusion Funding
What direction is funding for financial inclusion headed? The results are in from the annual CGAP and MIX Cross-Border Funder Survey.
11 February 2016
Financial inclusion data from ECA
International funding for financial inclusion varies greatly across regions.
19 January 2016
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The CGAP Funders Survey found that international funding for financial inclusion reached $31 billion in 2014.
25 March 2015
CGAP estimates that in 2013 international funders committed at least $31 billion to support financial inclusion, representing an average growth rate of 7 percent per year between 2011 and 2013.
12 November 2014
A man forges metal
A recent study by Wamda Research Lab highlights challenges preventing startups in the Middle East and North Africa from growing. One of the obstacles is access to appropriate funding.
22 October 2013
Men fish at sunset.
Building a financial market that serves the poor requires more than supporting institutions. It also requires coordinating underlying elements - such as educating consumers, drafting appropriate laws, and building capacity in organizations.
08 July 2013
Private enterprise workers from Huynh Khang drying fish for export. Rach Gia City, Kian Giang Province, Vietnam.
If microfinance is to rely on impact investors to fund its future growth, it's crucial that it build credibility with both financial-first and below-market investors. Without clearer and more accurate investment propositions, microfinance could progressively alienate all its investors.
03 May 2013
A lady is selling vegetables in a market
Access to finance is the most significant obstacle to business growth globally (16.2%) and experts estimate that there are 310 to 380 million enterprises that need more credit but can’t access it, with collective needs totaling $2.1 to $2.5 trillion.


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