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06 June 2018
Chinese farmers
What does (and doesn't) the latest Findex tell us about China's urban-rural divide in financial inclusion?
11 July 2017
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A refugee filling an application at the UNHCR registration center in Tripoli, Lebanon.
Reaching low-income people with financial services during a crisis can help them overcome adversity – and it starts with understanding their needs.
17 February 2016
For governments, the collection of sex-disaggregated data begins
 a virtuous cycle, where its availability informs stronger, evidence-based policymaking and helps regulators evaluate the effectiveness of policies intended to promote financial inclusion.
14 January 2016
Men ice fishing on a lake in Turkey
In the past 20 years, microfinance in Eastern Europe and Central Asia has become understood under the larger umbrella of inclusive finance. During this shift, several important changes have occurred.
05 August 2015
Anil Gupta, of Aircel Limited, discusses how telecom companies like his use micro-segmentation to better serve customers and how financial service providers could, too.
22 July 2015
“If you start early, it gets into the DNA of the institution," says Radhakrishnan, the CEO of Janalakshmi, on an organization's journey to customer centricity. Watch the video interview for insights on how financial service providers can become more customer-centric.
15 July 2015
More financial service providers are changing the way they do business and adopting a customer-centric model. What does that take? Hear from heads of companies who know - who took part in the CGAP Leadership Series on Customer Centricity.
28 August 2014
The Kenyan Financial Diaries project found that many poor households prioritized savings over liquidity when it came to their household budgets. Many viewed this as the way to get out of poverty and secure a longer term future.
13 August 2014
A man repairs a fishing net
A recent survey of 5,500 households is a gold mine of information on the demand and supply of financial services in Myanmar. Providers, policy makers, donors and investors already are starting to use the data to guide their policies.
21 July 2014
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Students in the Philippines enjoy a new classroom
Serving young clients can be difficult for banks driven by short-term profit goals. But capturing the youth market can help give financial service providers a competitive edge in the long-run.


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