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23 May 2017
A student in primary school in Kampala
Mobile money can make paying school fees easier and cheaper, so why aren't more schools adopting it? Part of the solution could involve a simple app for inexpensive smartphones and tablets.
15 May 2017
Mobile money fee structures
Pricing data from leading mobile money providers shows significant diversity in pricing models.
10 May 2017
Digital savings word cloud
An experiment in Tanzania suggests that offering savings and credit on the same mobile wallet can lead to more responsible borrowing.
04 May 2017
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Young women look at their cellphone during a community meeting
Is “going open” worth the risk for payment providers? A money transfer business in India shares how allowing other companies to deliver financial services based on its systems has fueled its recent growth.
02 May 2017
Water collection point, South Sudan
Over 3 billion people lack access to piped water in their homes. There are a number of ways digital financial services can help achieve access to clean water and sanitation for all.
24 April 2017
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Women farmers, Senegal
Most digital financial services for smallholders target the 7 percent of farmers who already have buyers for their crops. What about services for the other 93 percent?
20 April 2017
digital graphic
Digital credit is on the rise in many developing countries. Here are three things you may not know about this fast-evolving form of lending.
17 April 2017
Demonstrating a solar light, Burundi
What if the institution that financed your business could also light up your house? Microfinance institutions are getting into pay-as-you-go solar, bringing microfinance into consumer lending.
10 April 2017
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Graphic: Seema's biometric ID
India’s new financial infrastructure could connect hundreds of millions of people to financial services, but at its core is a biometric ID system that has stirred controversy around data privacy and security. What are the risks, and what can be done to minimize them?
06 April 2017
India Stack Graphic
India’s new financial infrastructure, including its biometric ID system, has been making headlines lately. But what exactly is "India Stack"? Should other countries replicate it?


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