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15 August 2017
What happens when financial services providers begin thinking of agents as customers? Follow the story of AMK, a microfinance institution in Cambodia, as it embarks on this journey.
03 August 2017
Spearfishing in Malaysia
Changing gender norms doesn't mean empowering women at the expense of men. When women have a voice in financial decisions, it can benefit the entire household.
17 July 2017
Ghanaian woman using mobile phone
When PEG Africa piloted more user-friendly mobile payment methods for its pay-as-you-go solar customers, users started paying more often and in significantly higher amounts than other customers.
13 July 2017
To find out why more people aren't going digital in Ghana, CGAP partnered with pay-as-you-go solar company PEG Africa and mobile network operator Tigo Ghana.
11 July 2017
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A refugee filling an application at the UNHCR registration center in Tripoli, Lebanon.
Reaching low-income people with financial services during a crisis can help them overcome adversity – and it starts with understanding their needs.
29 June 2017
Mobile banking in Indonesia
Imagine a world where anyone could move money instantly across providers at no cost. Three trends are making free transactions more likely today than ever before.
19 June 2017
Lolem, a widow and mother of four children, sells goods to Bamba Chakula recipients in a refugee camp in Kenya.
Lolem Boyo Emilat is a trader in Kenya’s Kalobeyei settlement, where mobile payments have transformed her small business. Could bringing mobile money to more traders like Lolem be an overlooked opportunity to advance financial inclusion?
15 June 2017
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High rises and hotel buildings in Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama
TransferWise has launched “borderless” accounts, bringing cross-border banking to a new level. Could similar products serve communities in developing countries that depend on international remittances?


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