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09 January 2018
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Youth in Bhutan use a smartphone
CGAP CEO Greta Bull explores how large platform players like Google, Facebook and Ant Financial are likely to shape financial inclusion in 2018.
19 December 2017
Today, some 25 million Bangladeshis borrow from microfinance institutions. Financial diaries from central Bangladesh show how poor people are using their loans, from coping with emergencies to on-lending to others.
09 November 2017
Man behind counter in Kenya
In Kenya, where nearly everyone knows about mobile money and a majority live within walking distance of an agent, why do nearly 2 in 10 adults lack access to formal financial services? And what can be done to reach them?
03 October 2017
Bank accounts today once again outnumber mobile money accounts in Kenya -- by over 30 percent. Innovations like PesaLink have helped banks achieve this growth, showing that banks can thrive in the face of mobile money.
13 September 2017
Map of innovation proposals from Africa
CGAP received nearly 200 proposals from digital financial services providers across Africa interested in piloting new products. A look at those proposals — from 30 countries — shows that innovations are spreading beyond hot spots like Kenya.
08 August 2017
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Youth in Johannesburg
What does financial inclusion have to do with building peaceful societies? More than you might think.
01 August 2017
Janaki in her restaurant
Conventional measures of creditworthiness paint an incomplete — even misleading — picture of microbusiness owners, whose success often hinges on strong local networks and unconventional business strategies.
25 July 2017
2017 CGAP Photo Contest
Do you have a photo that shows the impact of digital finance on the lives of the poor? If so, share the photo and the story behind it with us!
20 July 2017
The graduation approach is proven to lift families out of extreme poverty. Organizations on the frontier of humanitarian crises say it also works for refugees.


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