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15 September 2015
Women's Solidarity
It's possible that financial regulations can be crafted in ways to increase and improve the quality of financial inclusion for women.
13 May 2015
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The Global Findex reveals a glaring gap between women and men when it comes to financial access. With all of the global progress, why would a gender gap persist?
03 February 2015
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Bangladesh has long been a success story for women’s financial inclusion, but in terms of digital finance, the story is very different.
16 January 2014
A woman makes key chains to sell.
The design firm Continuum Innovation found that simplified ATM receipts and photographic instructions helped poor women in Pakistan access their money with more confidence.
13 January 2014
Literacy is often a hidden hurdle to bringing financial inclusion to the unbanked. This means that the onus is on the designer of financial systems to make sure clients can use them confidently.
20 December 2013
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A woman works in a stall in Nigeria
In Nigeria, Diamond Bank is using customer insights to design and market a new savings product for women.
27 November 2013
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This blog discusses what role policy makers and regulators can play to advance financial inclusion for women in Africa.
17 October 2013
A woman fishes with a net in the ocean
Ujjivan Financial Services is using data to measure how well they are actually serving women as both clients and staff. Social outcomes are one key indicator they are measuring.
03 October 2013
A grandmother works at painting globes while holding a child
The Gender Performance Initiative (GPI) evaluates how effectively MFIs are serving women to ultimately build the business case that women are valuable customers and employees, as well as catalysts for social and economic change.
30 September 2013
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A woman works at her small tofu shop
Across the globe, the share of women who become entrepreneurs is significantly below that of men. Access to formal finance remains a major obstacle for women looking to grow their businesses.


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