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19 September 2016
Woman sews in Rwanda
Rapid “digitization” of business and investment in financial technology have the potential to significantly improve access to finance for millions of micro, small, and medium enterprises worldwide, yet challenges remain. Can FinTech solve the access to finance problem for MSMEs?
13 September 2016
Women in Pakistan
Pakistan has the second worst gender gap in the world, an imbalance reflected in the country’s financial inclusion numbers. What are the specific causes of women's financial exclusion, and what are potential solutions?
08 September 2016
Student pays school fees digitally in Kenya
Worldwide, 124 million children between the ages of 6 and 15 are not in school. While financial inclusion cannot solve the many complex reasons all children are not in school, better financial tools can help families manage educational expenses.
06 September 2016
Man on a motorbike talks on a mobile phone, India
A 2016 GPFI white paper highlighted privacy and data security risks in digital financial services, asking international financial Standard-Setting Bodies (SSBs) to pay attention. Why are they concerned, and what steps can SSBs take to improve data security?
29 August 2016
Men in Bangladesh sit in a guardhouse by a fishpond
In Bangladesh, 50 respondents are providing full daily details of all transactions in an ongoing financial diaries project. This project aims to provide insights into the money management behavior of low-income rural Bangladeshis. What have the diaries revealed so far?
17 August 2016
Chart showing mobile money figures in Bangladesh
Mobile money in Bangladesh had a fast start. However, recent data show that while use is still increasing, the rate of growth in transaction value and volume is tapering off. Researchers analyzed a number of possible explanations for this trend.
15 August 2016
Cocoa farmers use mobile phones in Côte d’Ivoire
Smallholder farmers are largely unable to access formal financial institutions. Over the past 22 months, a pilot project implemented by Advans Côte d’Ivoire strove to link cocoa farmers to financial institutions by transitioning from cash to digital payments, with promising results.
10 August 2016
Graph showing loan amounts based on financial education received, Tanzania program
Financial education is often delinked from customer actions–they may learn about interest rates now, but won’t need to borrow for months or even years. In rural Tanzania, an interactive SMS project brought information to farmers' phones, enabling customized learning in real time.
08 August 2016
Digital credit graphic showing loan size and term
Digital credit is disbursed and recovered rapidly, often in 30 days or less, and generally with loan amounts smaller than conventional credit or micro-lending. CGAP built a digital credit financial model to investigate the basic financial dynamics of loan portfolios made up of short-term, small loans.
02 August 2016
Woman looks at a smartphone near a river, India
In India, loans often require extensive application processes or participation in a joint liability group. A pioneering digital loan provided by Suvidhaa Infoserve and Axis Bank is changing the financial services landscape.


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