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22 June 2016
Woman uses a phone at her market business, India | Photo Credit: Devendra Holkar, 2015 CGAP Photo Contest
In 10 years of research into regulatory issues surrounding digital financial services, CGAP has maintained a relatively consistent stance on the "basic regulatory enablers" necessary for DFS to flourish. CGAP’s Inclusive Markets Team has now started to examine "emerging regulatory enablers" and their role in DFS.
20 June 2016
Tugende bikes
In Uganda, Tugende has helped over 3,000 motorcycle taxi drivers on the path to ownership by leveraging new technologies that enable the purchasing of an asset over time. Tugende's success has four key lessons for other digital finance plus initiatives.
10 June 2016
Man writes down a record of a financial transaction, Ghana
Digitization of government-to-person (G2P) payments should be a financial inclusion “quick win,” but negative experiences with digital social payment programs sometimes have the adverse effect of steering low-income customers away from formal financial services. This doesn't have to be the case.
01 June 2016
Title of #innovate4humanity session at World Humanitarian Summit
Recognizing the transformative role digital innovation can play in humanitarian response, CGAP, MasterCard and UNCDF co-hosted a high-level panel at the World Humanitarian Summit. How can digital finance work to build a bridge from response to resiliency?
23 May 2016
Woman looks at a mobile phone in a field in Belarus
It is increasingly important to ensure that digitally-stored funds are protected against the failure of institutions offering these products. The indirect (or 'pass-through') approach to deposit insurance is raising questions with big implications for financial inclusion.
16 May 2016
Data and visual from OpenSignal’s “Android Fragmentation 2015 Report”
Across emerging markets, smartphone adoption is opening up an increasingly clear opportunity for multifaceted financial services. However, a range of technical constraints still hold some users back. Here are three ways to optimize for a more inclusive future.
11 May 2016
Woman uses a phone while standing with her goats, India
Trickle Up is piloting a project integrating smartphones into Graduation programs in India, affording a valuable opportunity to explore the potential role of technology in improving and scaling the delivery of the Graduation approach to ultrapoor women in remote areas.
09 May 2016
Woman seller stands in front of her fruit stand
Universal coverage is a fundamental building block toward universal financial access. Last year Colombia announced that all of its 1,100+ municipalities had at least one banking agent serving customers in need of financial services. How did Colombia do it?
05 May 2016
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Account dormancy among mobile money users is an industry-wide problem. WSBI is working to understand the driving forces behind customer inactivity in Kenya.
04 May 2016
Woman looks at a smartphone near a river, India
Digital credit has emerged at the digital finance frontier, drawing attention from all players across the DFS ecosystem. A new CGAP brief explores the inner workings and key characteristics of digital credit offerings.


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