22 March 2017
Man on phone, India
The unbundling of payments from banking is well underway in countries like India. Is the unbundling of payments from banking regulation soon to follow?
20 March 2017
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Person uses mobile phone, Senegal
Wari recently announced plans to acquire Tigo in Senegal, a move that would combine Senegal’s largest over-the-counter agent network with Tigo’s e-money wallet. This acquisition could disrupt the digital finance market in a way that benefits low-income customers.
15 March 2017
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CGAP Scenarios: The future of financial inclusion
CGAP asked leading thinkers from around the world to share what they see as likely future scenarios for financial inclusion. Here's what we heard.
13 March 2017
Chart: Account at a Formal Financial Institution by Region
A new Arab Monetary Fund-CGAP report points to a huge unmet demand for financial services in the Arab world, where 70 percent of adults lack access to an account.