14 July 2014
Kenya recently granted MVNO licenses to several new companies, allowing them to provide mobile money services without building new cellular infrastructure. This could shake up the mobile money market in Kenya, which has been dominated by Safaricom.
10 July 2014
A man holds coins
Retail distribution of insurance comes with consumer protection challenges. Regulations in countries like Brazil aim to increase information offered to consumers, but supporting customers in navigating the process of buying and using insurance can still be difficult for sales staff.
08 July 2014
A man spools thread in a factory
Financial inclusion in India has the mandate at the highest level of policy making, but the market has yet to respond positively to regulations that allow both public and private actors to pursue digitized payment services. Understanding demand for financial services is key to design services that reach scale.
02 July 2014
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Potato farmers transporting their harvest on bikes
Mobilizing technology, such as smartphones, tablets, and the Internet, holds a tremendous opportunity to provide financial services for smallholders and to empower them to use data that is critical to their businesses in better ways.