24 April 2014
China's pilot of 500,000 banking agents show significant promise for financial inclusion. Allowing these agents to offer a greater variety of services, such as taking deposits and opening new accounts, could lead to faster growth and more usage.
23 April 2014
People sit with their cash boxes
The number of exits from microfinance equity investments is anticipated to accelerate in the next few years because equity funds are maturing, MFIs are maturing, and social investors are moving on to new frontiers.
21 April 2014
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An agent in a semi-rural area of China
Technology and innovation hold great promise for deepening financial access in China. But despite recent improvements, China is home to a huge unbanked population - second only in size to India.
17 April 2014
The preparations for the smallholder farmer household financial diaries continue in Tanzania, Pakistan and Mozambique. Here we discuss the site selection process in Tanzania, which we completed in advance of the sampling and recruiting of households.