"10 Things" You Should Know About....

CGAP is focusing on some core concepts in the blog series, where we highlight key sources and facts that everyone interested in financial inclusion should know.

A brick worker carries bricks in a stack.
10 January 2014
In recent years, data sources for financial inclusion have become richer but more complicated to navigate. How do we navigate this busy data landscape? There is no single "best source" for data on financial inclusion, and each source in this list has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.
A woman in a sari completes a Western Union money transfer
30 December 2013
Mobile money is a fast moving space and 2013 was a busy year. Read our list of 10 trends in the mobile money arena in 2013.
A woman sits and uses in a laptop while men craft ceramic jugs around her
27 December 2013
There is significant new experimentation and research around financial capability. Here is a snapshot of 10 new pieces of literature and research for consideration.
A market in Myanmar
23 December 2013
The financial inclusion ecosystem in Myanmar is changing rapidly. Here are 10 things you should know about financial inclusion in Myanmar.