Aid Effectiveness for Financial Inclusion

This is a special series that will help us reflect on the broader aid effectiveness initiatives, CGAP’s own work on effectiveness, and what this all means for access to finance today. Watch this space for a new post every week by an expert on this topic. What are your ideas for improving aid effectiveness? Share your comments.

05 September 2011
Whether you find it extraordinary or trivial, we still cannot answer the simple question of whether aid works or not.
22 August 2011
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Interesting lessons came out of the recent CGAP Aid Effectiveness conference where the SmartAid Index for Microfinance was featured.
11 August 2011
At the heart of this disagreement is not a dispute about the impact of aid but about what we mean when we ask whether ‘aid works.’
03 August 2011
With increasing amounts of private money being invested in microfinance institutions, CGAP CEO Tilman Ehrbeck talks about the role of public money in improving access to finance for poor people around the world.
26 July 2011
It is hard to say whether aid has really helped to raise growth or reduce poverty or contribute to the Millennium Development Goals.