Applied Product Innovation in Branchless Banking

This series looks into the efforts of various providers to launch product labs that demonstrate new ways of understanding clients, testing ideas and designing breakthrough products.

09 January 2015
Grameen Foundation India shares key steps that organizations implementing HCD should incorporate into their projects to optimize chances of success.
Photo by Biswajit Patra, 2014 CGAP Photo Contest.
07 January 2015
Human-centered design can help managers understand their customers creatively, iteratively and effectively.
This woman earns her livelihood through weaving.
06 January 2015
CGAP has tried using human-centered design (HCD) to learn from and design better products and services for customers.
10 June 2014
As part of CGAP's Applied Product Innovation project with MicroEnsure and design firm Continuum, several different ways were tested to see how insurance could take advantage of the mobile phone’s capabilities to engage with people more powerfully and effectively.
09 June 2014
CGAP has recently concluded an Applied Product Innovation project with insurance intermediary MicroEnsure and design firm Continuum. The challenge: using human centered design techniques to figure out how to deliver relevant insurance products to the mass market, leveraging mobile phones.