Arab Spring

19 December 2011
Microfinance industries in the region have been supported by governments as a form of benevolent neglect.
08 December 2011
If more enabling operating environments are the opportunity of the Arab Spring, let’s bet practitioners will deploy innovative ways to offer financial access to those who need it most.
04 December 2011
The poor are always the first losers in times of economic downturn and the micro-enterprise sector in Tunisia has been hard hit.
29 November 2011
Regionally, MSMEs account for more than 40% of private-sector employment, yet in many MENA countries they lack access to finance, opportunities to market their products, and effective business development services.
27 November 2011
The winds of the Arab Spring gusted late into Syria, arriving within a climate quite distinct from the political storm that swept through Egypt and Tunisia. Violent clashes between protestors and government forces in Syria are ongoing without any sign of slackening, dispute resolution, or concord bringing a timely settlement.