Data Architecture of Branchless Banking

The series aims to explore the landscape of supply and demand-side data gathering efforts with the related goals of (i) identifying gaps in the data architecture; (ii) moving toward consensus – where it makes sense – on the correct indicators and methodologies to track progress and understand client value; and (iii) developing a common agenda for data collection and measurement as the branchless banking and mobile money industry continues to mature and improve.   The series coincides with the recent release of the data by the IMF collected through its Financial Access Survey (FAS) and will include contributions from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CGAP, GSMA, Intermedia, MIX and UNCDF. We hope to also gather the perspectives of other members of the field through discussion on the blog.

08 January 2013
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This first post in this series lays out a conceptual map of the data landscape and takes a closer look at the supply-side data gathering efforts worldwide. It is important to note that while various initiatives have begun to look at the wider financial inclusion data architecture from the supply and demand-side, branchless banking and mobile money data is still missing from many datasets or is poorly represented.