Data on Market Saturation

This series will feature emerging studies that examine market saturation globally. 

Bike repair
21 August 2013
The recent recession in the United States has exposed and aggravated the extent to which many families struggle to just keep up financially. This financial marginalization impairs their capacity to participate in the larger economy.
07 August 2013
The MIMOSA is a knowledge tool to estimate credit penetration in markets across the world.
A fisherwoman repairs her net outside her house.
11 July 2013
Two recent posts on repayment of microfinance loans in Tamil Nadu has sparked a debate between the authors. Both of whom raise a question for the industry as a whole: how can we better measure over-indebtedness and market saturation?
17 June 2013
In Morocco, microcredit borrowers don't default only when they are unable to repay loans. Individual or collective defaults also result when credit providers lose legitimacy and borrowers are not willing to repay.
Salt worker sifts through salt.
10 June 2013
As research in Tamil Nadu shows, defaulting on microloans might not always be due to over-indebtedness.