Data Privacy and Protection

Data generated by low-income consumers’ use of mobile phones and digital financial services can help expand financial inclusion, but its use can also result in the loss of privacy and other harm. These benefits and risks will be explored in this data protection blog series.

Posts in this series

A family uses a mobile phone in India
27 March 2018
Just like customers themselves, providers deeply value the protection and security of the customer data they hold. They just have different reasons.
Cooking up a storm
05 December 2017
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While data breaches in high-income countries dominate the news, data protection is also emerging as a major issue in lower-income countries. Here are six key questions to ask when evaluating a country’s legal protections for its citizens’ personal data.
data privacy word cloud
15 November 2016
Poor people in emerging economies are rightfully concerned about whether their families are safe, sheltered and adequately nourished. Where does privacy fit into that mix?
Man looks at a mobile phone
10 November 2016
Conducting financial affairs digitally does not come without risks, evidenced by recent privacy breaches around the world. CGAP is exploring relevant issues in data protection, along with potential solutions that could build trust and improve value for customers, providers and societies.