Diaries: A Tool for Understanding Smallholder Families

Earlier this year, we took a deeper look at smallholder families to get a broad range of perspectives on the challenges of understanding smallholder demand for financial services. As CGAP launches its year-long smallholder financial diaries study, this new blog series focusses on the art and science of Financial Diaries. We examine the tool itself and then specifically at just what goes into setting up a diaries study around the world.

25 February 2016
How are smallholder families managing their money? What challenges do they face? What financial solutions can help? CGAP’s Financial Diaries with Smallholder Households ("Smallholder Diaries”) spent a year with 270 farming families in Mozambique, Tanzania, and Pakistan to find out.
24 February 2016
For many smallholders, "the hunger season," when little can be harvested, is the worst time of the year. What financial and other tools might help farmers to better endure the rainy, sick, and hungry months?
Two farmers work with Wasil Foundation to purchase a tractor in Pakistan
26 January 2016
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For over 6 million smallholder farmers in Pakistan, financing options are extremely limited. The Wasil Foundation, winner of the 2013 Islamic Microfinance Challenge, offers an alternative to traditional financing that enables farmers to build assets and sustainable livelihoods.
10 September 2015
Smallholders often have to make touch financial choices regarding what to prioritize with limited resources.
A woman in Mozambique learns to use a digital camera
28 July 2015
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Photos from smallholder families in Mozambique tell the human story behind the data on the unique challenges the world's 475 million smallholder families face.