Human-Centered Design for Smallholder Families

Despite ongoing efforts to serve the world’s 450 million smallholder households—the largest client segment by livelihood of those living under $2 a day—little is known about their financial needs and desires.

That is why we believe that a human-centered approach can play a crucial role in providing insights into how to design digital financial products and services for smallholders. HCD is a process built on learning directly from customers in their own environments. The process challenges financial providers to understand, create, evolve, and test possible solutions and repeat the cycle for as many times as it takes.

A farmer in Senegal holds up scratch cards
10 November 2015
For the world’s smallholder families, risk is an ever-present part of daily life. Minimizing the risk of trying digital financial services was one of the key takeaways from CGAP’s four smallholder-focused human-centered design projects.
A myAgro vendor and community leader
11 September 2015
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After interviewing 65 smallholder farmers and savings groups, CGAP and Dalberg uncovered potential for alternative ways to offer financial services to farmers that go beyond credit.
20 August 2015
Insights from smallholders are informing the design of better digital financial services for farmers in Cambodia, through a human-centered design process.
17 June 2015
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myAgro, CGAP, and are partnering to use human-centered design to further align product offerings in Senegal with smallholders’ behaviors, needs, and aspirations.
12 June 2015
As Cambodian providers continue to develop innovative new digital financial products and services, tailoring them to the unique needs of smallholder households remains a significant challenge.