Introducing Digital Finance Plus

Digital Finance “plus” is the use of mobile money and branchless banking to make basic, essential services and utilities - in energy, health, education, and water, for example - more accessible to people at the base of the economic pyramid. Here finance is not an end itself but a means to help solve significant development challenges in order to improve the lives of the poor.

Through a series of video interviews and an animation, this blog series introduces the concept of Digital Finance Plus and highlights some of the innovative companies and individuals working iin this space.

Off-Grid Electric Customers in Lengijape, Tanzania
12 August 2014
Over 1.3 billion people worldwide live without access to electricity. Modern, small-scale solar solutions are now on the market, and digital finance is going a long way toward making these more affordable and accessible in poor communities.
08 April 2014
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Mobisol combines solar energy with innovative mobile technology and microfinance. Their lease-to-own solar home systems are paid off through a microfinance installment plan via the customer’s mobile phones – making them affordable for households with low incomes in developing countries.
19 March 2014
As World Water Day is being recognized around the globe this Saturday, we take a look at how mobile money is making clean water more affordable and accessible in Kenya.
13 December 2013
To illustrate the global landscape of Digital Finance Plus, CGAP has identified 55 companies providing innovative solutions in the energy, water, health and agriculture sectors.
12 December 2013
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Kytabu is a Kenyan-based company that offers a textbook subscription service where users can pay in small increments for individual chapters of textbooks and read the content on their cell phones. The company hopes to make educational materials much more accessible and affordable in Kenya.