Mobile Money and APIs

Software developers are tremendously excited about mobile money and the potential for new apps to dramatically expand the flexibility and use of mobile money platforms. Accelerating mobile money innovation could expand the reach and benefits of financial services offered to the unbanked, which makes APIs exciting for anyone who cares about financial inclusion. Across Africa, many MNOs have stopped short of creating a fully open development environment. 

This blog series covers what is needed to create a successful API, what kind of business models MNOs can pursue, and current advancements in this space.

Random Hacks of Kindness, a 2-day hackathon at the iHub in Nairobi, Kenya.
30 October 2015
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In September 2015, Safaricom announced that it had opened its M-Pesa platform to allow developers to create next-generation solutions on the platform. But just how open is the platform?
19 August 2015
Open APIs bring the promise of expanding the reach and benefits of financial services for the unbanked. But there remain no real examples of widely adopted open APIs for mobile money.
08 June 2015
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The potential for open APIs to drive innovation in the mobile money space is tremendous. There are several key elements crucial to the success of any open API ecosystem.
01 June 2015
Open APIs have the potential to provide more opportunities to the financially excluded, allowing users to make and receive secure, convenient, and affordable payments.