Putting Customer Insights to Work

The CGAP Customers at the Center Financial Inclusion Research Fund, in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, awarded funds to five organizations to power projects aimed at better understanding un- and under-banked customers. Freedom from Hunger, ideas42, IFMR Finance Foundation, Innovations for Poverty Action and MicroInsurance Centre are currently implementing these projects and explain their goals, objects and findings in this blog series.

Women's Savings Group, Burkina Faso
06 February 2017
CGAP's Customers at the Center Research Fund has generated insights about the world’s unbanked over the past two years. Here are the top insights from the Fund’s five projects and the lessons we have learned.
Women at a self-help group rally in Madurai, India.
25 January 2017
The rapid growth of microfinance in India has led to concerns about a repayment crisis. Some have tempered these worries by pointing to low delinquency rates. But do low delinquency rates tell the whole story?
Women's Savings Group, Burkina Faso
07 July 2016
"Resilience" refers to the ability to anticipate, respond to and recover from shocks. Freedom from Hunger used “resilience diaries” with 46 households in Burkina Faso to research whether financial services could play a greater role in building household resilience.
A family looks at a video on a smart phone about crop insurance in Colombia
13 June 2016
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, could the bundling of credit with non-credit financial services be a viable solution for FSPs? EA Consultants designed and implemented a study with Crezcamos in Colombia to find out.
A screenshot from a sales video developed by Crezcamos.
12 January 2016
Client-centered research can be expensive and logistically challenging. How can technology simplify this process?