24 July 2014
WING agents in Cambodia
In Cambodia, where 80% of the population lives in rural areas and fewer than 20% of adults have access to financial services, digital finance could be a financial inclusion game-changer.
23 July 2014
A woman holds a bank card
The new Government of India has made financial inclusion one of the cornerstones of its policies and has set the target of every adult having a financial account by August 2015.
22 July 2014
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A family in Ta Kuti village, Niger
Youth have become a core concern in many African economies, yet most financial institutions are not equipped to address them as real potential customers.
21 July 2014
Students in the Philippines enjoy a new classroom
Serving young clients can be difficult for banks driven by short-term profit goals. But capturing the youth market can help give financial service providers a competitive edge in the long-run.