17 April 2015
The newly updated 2014 Global Financial Inclusion database shows that 700 million adults worldwide have joined the financial system in the last three years. At the same time, the number of unbanked adults dropped by one-fifth, to 2 billion.
16 April 2015
A convergence of forces offers the opportunity to rethink the traditional remittance model, promising more money, time, and peace of mind for customers.
13 April 2015
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InterMedia conducted a study of M-Shwari users and found that in just over a year after launch, M-Shwari achieved the highest level of awareness and use compared with other beyond-basic mobile wallet products in Kenya.
10 April 2015
As a smallholder, geography not only determines the climate of your village and the farm-readiness of your land, but also plays a role in determining how well-connected you are to irrigation, inputs like seeds and fertilizer, buyers, markets, and training.