15 February 2017
Smiling woman in field, India
India is currently considering a universal basic income (UBI) scheme in which the government would guarantee a minimum income for all citizens. What are the key points of the UBI debate? What could UBI mean for financial inclusion in India?
13 February 2017
Woman harvests chilis, Bangladesh
From restrictive cultural norms to less access to technology, women around the world face unique challenges in gaining access to formal financial services.
08 February 2017
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Digital credit quote
As digital credit expands rapidly in East Africa and elsewhere, offering credit responsibly is becoming increasingly important. These insights from Kenyan merchants who use Kopo Kopo’s Grow cash advance product point toward some best practices for digital merchant credit.
06 February 2017
Women's Savings Group, Burkina Faso
CGAP's Customers at the Center Research Fund has generated insights about the world’s unbanked over the past two years. Here are the top insights from the Fund’s five projects and the lessons we have learned.