22 August 2016
Woman stands next to shelves of bananas, Rwanda
In Rwanda, the government is an active and engaged partner and strong buy-in from political leadership has helped ensure the success of some development interventions. Concern Worldwide’s adaptation of the Graduation Approach targeting vulnerable households is one such example.
18 August 2016
Group poses during Pioneer (Philippines) - Zoona (Zambia) learning visit
Pioneer, a Philippines-based company, participated in a May 2016 learning visit to South Africa and Zambia to learn from other CGAP partners working on customer centricity: Zoona, PEP, and Hollard. What did they learn?
17 August 2016
Chart showing mobile money figures in Bangladesh
Mobile money in Bangladesh had a fast start. However, recent data show that while use is still increasing, the rate of growth in transaction value and volume is tapering off. Researchers analyzed a number of possible explanations for this trend.
15 August 2016
Cocoa farmers use mobile phones in Côte d’Ivoire
Smallholder farmers are largely unable to access formal financial institutions. Over the past 22 months, a pilot project implemented by Advans Côte d’Ivoire strove to link cocoa farmers to financial institutions by transitioning from cash to digital payments, with promising results.