15 September 2014
Tiaxa's balance advance service is making 50 million advances each month to prepaid mobile subscribers - generally at no extra cost to the end user. How does it work? Big data plays a part.
11 September 2014
Fishermen at shore
Advanced data analytics can be used in a variety of ways to support financial services for the poor. Agent network optimization and creating more effective marketing strategies are just two examples among many possibilities.
10 September 2014
This man runs a small candle-making enterprise
Taking a more customer-centric approach to financial services for the poor can help create a better value proposition for customers. BanKO, in the Philippines, is one company utilizing this approach.
08 September 2014
Weavers use a hand loom
Big data has the potential to solve important pain points in financial services for the poor - especially through identity verification and real-time validation of credentials.