10 April 2017
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Graphic: Seema's biometric ID
India’s new financial infrastructure could connect hundreds of millions of people to financial services, but at its core is a biometric ID system that has stirred controversy around data privacy and security. What are the risks, and what can be done to minimize them?
06 April 2017
India Stack Graphic
India’s new financial infrastructure, including its biometric ID system, has been making headlines lately. But what exactly is "India Stack"? Should other countries replicate it?
04 April 2017
Global Financial Health Factors Graphic
There are six key indicators of financial health in developing countries, but measuring them can be difficult.
30 March 2017
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Man and woman in Nairobi
A growing number of novice investors are starting to lend to their peers on digital platforms. New research out of Kenya suggests that providers may need to fundamentally rethink how they inform these lenders about risk.