19 June 2017
Lolem, a widow and mother of four children, sells goods to Bamba Chakula recipients in a refugee camp in Kenya.
Lolem Boyo Emilat is a trader in Kenya’s Kalobeyei settlement, where mobile payments have transformed her small business. Could bringing mobile money to more traders like Lolem be an overlooked opportunity to advance financial inclusion?
15 June 2017
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High rises and hotel buildings in Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama
TransferWise has launched “borderless” accounts, bringing cross-border banking to a new level. Could similar products serve communities in developing countries that depend on international remittances?
12 June 2017
Sabah and her young child in Al Minieh Informal Tented Settlement, North Lebanon.
From partnering with the right providers to removing policy constraints, there are several things development and humanitarian actors can do to forge a stronger link between humanitarian cash transfers and financial inclusion.
08 June 2017
Agents are an important element of mobile financial services, but managing a large agent network can be challenging. In Paraguay, SMS messaging proved a cost-effective solution.