13 March 2017
Chart: Account at a Formal Financial Institution by Region
A new Arab Monetary Fund-CGAP report points to a huge unmet demand for financial services in the Arab world, where 70 percent of adults lack access to an account.
08 March 2017
Woman sewing, Uganda
Four in 10 women and girls around the world are excluded from the formal financial system. Restrictive social norms are one major factor that limits women's financial inclusion. Here's why norms matter.
06 March 2017
Man on computer, Zimbabwe
Open APIs have potential to spur innovation in digital finance and grow business for payment providers. But to realize these benefits, providers must design open APIs that meet the needs of the developers who use them.
01 March 2017
Women carry produce, Kenya
Market facilitation has become a well-known approach to development, but evidence on how best to apply it in the field remains limited. New case studies from Africa point toward numerous lessons.