06 June 2017
Flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia
A growing body of evidence suggests that disaster insurance makes low-income people more resilient to floods, earthquakes, and other disasters. What challenges must be overcome to make disaster insurance more widely available?
01 June 2017
An off-grid electric customer uses a solar lamp
Are PAYgo solar companies a new breed of microfinance institution (MFI)? Many are engaged in a number of MFI-like activities and could benefit from lessons learned in the more mature MFI sector.
30 May 2017
An SMS conversation via Juntos
Pilots with mobile money providers in the Philippines and Paraguay showed that simple SMS messaging can increase mobile wallet transactions.
25 May 2017
A woman in Ghana uses a phone while making food
As mobile money continues to evolve, new kinds of fraud are emerging. Here are some steps that providers and regulators can take to keep up.