14 July 2010
Is it possible to experience the core benefits of mobile phone ownership without having a mobile phone?
14 July 2010
As we celebrate 15 years of CGAP, we are also reflecting upon where the industry has come, and where CGAP can be most useful in helping to advance financial access for the world’s poor.
12 July 2010
Casey Wilson is the Co-founder and CEO of Wokai, the first person-to-person microfinance platform for China. Wokai means “I start” in Mandarin. What’s happening in China? China has the second largest potential microcredit demand in the world, next to India...
09 July 2010
CGAP and Grameen Foundation would like to thank you for participating in this week’s virtual conference. There have been a lot of valuable contributions and new ideas which I hope we’ll all continue to explore at our respective organizations. While the official conference period has ended, comments will remain open and we invite you to continue sharing your thoughts on these topics.